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Some rooms are more difficult than others though as many rooms in the home will have more humidity than others which means our wooden shutter ranges may not be suitable for them. This can range from obvious candidates such as bathrooms and kitchens to garden rooms and conservatories.

Humidity will warp the louvres and frames on ordinary shutters affecting both the look and operation of the shutters, shortening the lifespan of the shutters and meaning they have to be replaced. To solve this issue we sell our beautiful waterproof range of shutters ‘Atlantis’.

The Atlantis range

The Atlantis range is perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens or any area with high humidity. Atlantis has a composite uPVC core which offers a smoother finish and outlasts wooden shutters as it resists the effects of water and humidity making it suitable to install in any room. They are also fully-recyclable which adds to their appeal.

It’s perfect for single glazed windows too. Single glazing often results in higher levels of condensation which damages wooden shutters with time but shutters are a popular choice for traditional and period properties which often lie in conservation zones so cannot be double glazed with uPVC or modern windows.

Our Atlantis range keeps the lovely period style but with a truly modern solution.

Designed for you, built to last

Available in five slat sizes – 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm and 21 colours there’s plenty to choose from. The hinges are a marine grade as standard so no need to worry about rusting.

They’re extremely hard wearing and the perfect choice for high traffic areas of the home like bathrooms and kitchens they come in different styles such as café style, tier-on-tier, tracked and full height. We’ve even fitted them to cupboards which create a lovely door to match with the overall décor!

Style, light control and privacy

As the perfect choice instead of window blinds which may have issues with either mould, show through or rusting in some very high humidity environments they offer style, light control and privacy.

When it comes to quality our Atlantis waterproof shutters are some of the best on the market. We’ve seen cheap plastic or vinyl shutters on the market at incredibly cheap prices, however, we’ve taken the decision not to sell them as Charlie says “They have a very cheap, plastic look and feel about them – I most certainly wouldn’t fit them in my house and I wouldn’t fit them in yours.”.

Enjoy a 5 year guarantee

At Beautifully Shuttered we pride ourselves on the quality of our product as well as value for money prices and we take the view that paying a bit more for a product which not only looks great but gives pleasure for years to come is money well spent. All our shutters come with 5 year guarantees and of course our expert fitting and aftercare services to give your home that final perfect finish.

Our Atlantis range can be found here and in our brochure which you can download from the site. If you’d like to see our Atlantis range up close our showroom in Stamford Bridge is open from 10 am till 4 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and at other times by appointment only.

We have the biggest range of both shutters and blinds in Yorkshire to browse and you can chat to us about any of our products. We also have our shutters range in our showroom in Driffield which is by appointment only and our outdoor shading ranges are also there.

Your journey to perfect shutters starts here!