Global Shading Day

Today is Global Shading Day and at the Beautifully Shuttered Group we know all about shading – in fact we’re experts!

This is the first ever Global Shading Day so it’s really quite special. It’s an opportunity for us to tell you just how important shading is not only to us as human beings but how it can play a part in helping the environment too.

Benefits of solar shading

Cooling a room with solar shading means there is less demand for air conditioning, delivering both economic and environmental benefits. Less artificial air cooling and lighting reduces energy costs, while air conditioning is a proven contributor to CO2 emissions and increased greenhouse gases.

Adjustable shading allows us to control the amount of sunlight in our inside and outdoor spaces – which makes us happy – and helps prevent glare.

On top of this, smart solar shading can help intelligently manage heat and light for the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Solar shading options

This is why at Beautifully Shuttered, Beautifully Shaded and Yorkshire Pergolas we have a selection of products that will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and save you energy and money!

From our stylish plantation shutters through to new hi-tech products like Microlouvre® we have something to suit every property and every budget and we’re always looking for new and exciting products.

We’ve been installing our beautiful shutters for over 15 years now and they are one of the most popular and stylish ways of using shading in the home with ranges that suit every application including waterproof and security shutters. With blocking shutters added this spring there’s a new way to make your shutters even more energy efficient too.

Our new blinds range has some stylish and energy saving styles too with soft shade rollers that let just the right amount of light in, a massive range of venetians, verticals and wonderful energy efficient pleated styles.

Outdoor shading solutions

Moving outdoors to our garden Pergola products we’ve got pergolas that are simply perfect for creating shade and providing outdoor spaces that become truly special places all year round.

With adjustable roofs that let in just the right amount of sun and a range of accessories to control light, shade and heat they are fast becoming the must-have garden accessory. With a range to fit small spaces or large they can be customised to be totally individual and include shading options such as zip blinds and our new aluminium shutters.

Our stylish awnings and sail blind ranges provide stylish outdoor shading to fit any space from the large to the small with a range of colours and styles that brighten any home or business. Teamed with lighting they offer the option of extending your day from sunrise to beyond sunset and giving shade on the hottest of days.

An awning also protects interior fabrics from fading if used over a window or above patio doors.

Stylish MicroLouvre® blinds

Microlouvre® is our newest addition and is a hi-tech product that is one of the most efficient, versatile and low maintenance ways of controlling light on the market. Attaching to the exterior of windows or doors it’s super thin louvre system controls glare, keeps interiors cool and still lets you have clear vision of the exterior.

It’s perfect for any window or door even hard to reach or very large ones. It can be fitted to modern or traditional architecture and it looks unobtrusive.  It’s perfect for either domestic or commercial uses and has an incredible 60 year lifespan.

With all these incredible products we can truly say we’re helping our customers both do their bit for the environment, save money and energy and create stylish places that bring joy for years to come.

How can we help you celebrate Global Shading Day? Browse our ranges and call us to find out which one is perfect for your home or business.