The green and environmental properties of our shutters are not something that most people think of when buying them but in this age of environmental consciousness it’s actually something that is more important than you would think.

Whilst most of the time the top consideration is what colour or style customers want there are are other factors that might grab your attention in this age of cost of living crises and energy saving.

Blinds and shutters are insulation for your windows.

This is backed by a study commissioned by the BBSA at the world-leading ‘Energy House’ laboratory at the University of Salford. The study showed that blinds and shutters reduce heat loss through windows by up to 33%.

The Energy House is a full-scale replica of a pre-1920s solid wall, end terrace house built using reclaimed brick and traditional construction methods of its time.

The testing took place in the neighbouring property built of the same materials on a double glazed window located on the first-floor.

These properties are located within an environmental chamber with systems to replicate rain, wind and solar gain with temperatures ranging from a very chilly -12°C to a sweltering +30°C.

With our inclement range of weather and substantial energy costs in the UK anything we can do in our homes to make them not only better insulated but also save on energy costs is a plus. Blinds and shutters can help us do that.

Shutters are good at keeping in heat when it’s cold and shading and keeping things cool when it’s hot. With having the option to open slats too let light and air in on a hot day or close the slats on a cold evening in winter they give a lot of flexibility. Our options for blocking shutters (a shutter with a pleated blind that lays behind it) and solid shutters are some of the most energy conscious options within the range.

Our blinds range you can see at our showroom in Stamford Bridge alongside our shutters also has some pretty impressive energy conscious options including pleated blinds with a ‘honeycomb’ layer that keeps things warm and cosy in winter and shades in summer as well as a range of other lovely options that all have their own shading and insulation properties to suit any room in the home.

But our commitment to being environmentally conscious doesn’t just stop there.

Our suppliers have their own commitments to conserving energy and helping our planet stay clean and lovely!

They comply with all relevant legislation and codes of practice so they are mindful of their effect on the environment in the consumption of resources and the effects of pollution. They try to source sustainably and reuse, reduce and recycle where they can and be as energy efficient as possible.

After all, we all want to do our bit and save money wherever we can!

So, when you buy shutters from Beautifully Shuttered you can be sure we’re helping you do your bit for the environment, save money and transform your home too.