With energy costs soaring most people are looking to keep warm but keep costs to a minimum, One key area where heat loss occurs is in the windows of our homes and good insulation can be a key factor in making sure we can both keep our homes warm and keep our costs down.

Double glazing is one way we can do this but it only goes so far and there are situations where it cannot be fitted for example in certain period properties and in conservation areas. Our window covering is key to how much heat we lose through our windows and a variety are on offer.

Shutters are not on the whole sold for their heat retaining properties as they mostly only control, light and privacy although solid shutters can go a fair way to block draughts and keep heat in and cold out but since they require opening fully to let light in they are not always suitable from a privacy aspect.

If you love the stylish look of shutters but need to keep out the cold our blockout shutters might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. The option comes with the Clearwater range of shutters and is in effect a conventional shutter which has a cellular blind behind the shutter next to the glass of the window.

The honeycomb design has a blockout effect that insulates from light and traps heat inside each 26mm cell which is foil wrapped and creates a highly efficient thermal insulation which makes it a desirable option in bedrooms and other situations where you need to control both heat and light.

The blind fabric comes in white only and the shutter must be 4 sided and not shaped but can be fitted in bays where each panel is 4 sided. The blind is operated independently of the shutter which means you have the option to keep it raised in warmer weather or use it to control light. The foil inner can also help keep the room cool and shaded in direct sunlight and can be handy for use in a room where you might be either watching television or working on a computer and require reduction of glare from screens.

If you’re considering whether to go for blinds for practical reasons but love the look of shutters, blockout shutters could be the perfect product for you. So, come in from the cold and browse our range to find out more or have a chat to our team on 07939 121 987 and we can start your journey to a warmer, more stylish home!