As housing becomes better insulated and air-tight to help conserve warmth in the winter, overheating is becoming an unintended consequence during the summer.

As Global Shading Day comes around again and with the start of spring our thoughts turn to the warmer weather and how to keep our homes cool in the warmer weather to come.

As the insulation in our homes has improved and we can conserve more heat during the winter we have created another problem in that by making them well insulated and airtight they can become overheated and just opening windows can only do so much.

In southern Europe homes have been using various methods of shading to keep cool for centuries, from blinds to shutters and awning and canopies, shading our homes can help us stay cool. Of course, the materials used in our shading products today has moved on and we now have distinct advantages in making sure our homes and businesses are kept cool and comfortable.

There are a few methods of shading that can make things much more comfortable in those hot summer months, so here are our top tips for shading your home.

External shading is very effective – This can be achieved in various ways. Installing external blinds is one way of shading and our Microlouvre® blinds are one of the most effective products on the market. They are light, allow clear vision from the interior, provide shading and privacy and are really easy to install and maintain and they have a 60 year proven lifespan!

But with many windows in the UK opening outwards fitting external blinds isn’t always an option. For larger windows other solutions can be effective. Our Style Security shutters can be fitted on the exterior of windows and doors and as well as shading have the added benefit of making your home safe and secure.

One of our customers also used one of our pergolas to shade a very large patio window keeping that room cool and useable and making a nice, shaded outdoor space where they could relax too. Many of our outdoor solutions can be used to provide indoor shading too, from awnings and canopies to screens creating shade outside can help us stay cool indoors as well.

Close internal blinds and shutters – Keeping blinds and shutters shut from early morning and through the hottest part of the day creates a cool refuge from the heat. Opening blinds and shutters during the evening allows the home to cool down again and airflow to ventilate the building which makes it much more comfortable to sleep.

Our internal shutters are great for controlling airflow and shade and they can be fully opened too. Styles like Café style and tier-on-tier are great for providing the best of both worlds as well. Our blocking shutter has a blind behind it which keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter, perfect for bedrooms.

If shutters aren’t your style we have a massive range of blinds including many energy efficient styles which not only look very stylish they help keep you cool and maintain privacy. From verticals to Venetians there’s something for every home. We’ve got blinds to suit every window in the house from small to large and from patio doors to tiny Velux® windows many which have energy saving features.

With the temperature rising effective shading indoors and out is becoming a priority and there have never been more ways to do this. A consultation with Beautifully Shuttered helps you to choose the perfect product for your needs whether it’s internal or external and to fit your home and budget.

So, save on the air conditioning this summer and get some amazing and stylish shading from our ranges…