Summer is here…

Yes, the summer weather is coming and with that sprucing up our homes is uppermost in many of our minds.

With limited opportunities to spend on holidays this year many of us are looking at how we can improve what we have and adding value in a rising housing market is a consideration too.

So, how can shutters add to your home?

Tired looking blinds or curtains that don’t always fit well or fade make your home look tired and don’t always provide the privacy or light control that you want. Maybe you’ve got a wide window or patio door that you need access to and blinds or curtains simply aren’t practical.

Or maybe a bay window that curtains just don’t fit well. Or an unusual shape that you really can’t use curtains or blinds with…after all who ever heard of a round venetian blind?

Shutters for every home

Shutters can fit most styles of windows and as they fit close to the window itself you don’t lose space where curtains and blinds can be bulky to fit. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes so finding something to fit a window is fairly likely – even if it’s an unusual shape or a difficult location.

Shutters are pretty practical. You can clean them fairly easily and you certainly don’t need to take them down to do so – after all you can’t put them in the washer and you don’t have the expense of a dry cleaner either!

There are waterproof styles too which means you can fit them in places where there’s high humidity like bathrooms, kitchens or conservatories – we even fit them in the garden pergolas from our sister company Yorkshire Pergolas – they’re that versatile!

The Mediterranean touch

Then the icing on the cake is simply the style shutters bring, a taste of summer in your home, a look which reminds us of Mediterranean summers. Long summer days with lazy lunches fading into warm summer nights with patio doors open to the night, the scent of flowers drifting in through shutters.

As a stylish way to control light and privacy they are wonderfully flexible suiting anything from a modern, minimalist flat to a period property in the country.

So, add style to your home this summer and bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your windows and doors…