MicroLouvre® sheer blinds. Stylish solar shading

MicroLouvre® is the world’s thinnest and lightest louvre system offering versatile solar shading with sheer blinds fitted to your exterior windows.

What is MicroLouvre®?

Offering the very best in heat reduction, energy saving and versatility

Formerly Koolshade, MicroLouvre® is a Shaded louvred screen that controls glare and heat as well as having added benefits such as fire protection and keeping out insects.

It can be fitted to windows and glazed doors in any architectural structure from a large building to our garden pergolas and it’s suitable for any age of building from the old to the very new.

Why choose MicroLouvre®?

A popular alternative to typical heat reduction blinds

MicroLouvre® blinds are growing in popularity thanks to their fantastic qualities like heat reduction, energy saving, style and longevity.

The world’s thinnest and lightest louvre system, with up to 700 paper thin, bronze micro louvres woven into every metre of the metal fabric – optimal for solar shading.

MicroLouvre® metal fabric is only 1.55mm thick overall (no thicker than a grain of rice) and each louvre measures only 1.25mm x 0.30mm.

90% Recycled Materials

The metal fabrics are made from over 90% recycled scrap copper.

100% Recyclable

Fabrics and frames are 100% recyclable and are proven to last over 60 years.

Made in Britain

Our fabrics are all made in the UK to reduce shipping emissions.

Designed and made in the UK with a 60 year proven lifespan with a technical performance exceeding similar competitors  and international methods of testing.

MicroLouvre® mesh fits easily on the outside of windows a bit like see through mesh blinds thus reducing the amount of heat gain and direct sunlight whilst still allowing a clear view through the window. As a solar shading solution it offers many benefits and doesn’t suffer from mechanical problems or user error because of its passive nature.

Installation is easy and it can be fitted to different window shapes and styles from new to old. It’s also easy to maintain and needs little to no maintenance.

MicroLouvre® is perfect for glare control especially in commercial buildings where computer screens are used where it can used to diffuse the light in certain directions, cancel the light source or control glare from screens/light sources. It protects textiles from fading too.

Being hurricane proof it’ll stand up to winter gales too and it keeps out nasties such as mosquitos as well!

It’s perfect for both commercial and domestic settings from restaurants to schools, care settings and other public buildings with advantages over heat reduction blinds, thermal blinds or energy saving blinds being an external product.

With summers getting hotter and energy costs higher the need to find cost-effective alternatives to air conditioning is becoming a priority. MicroLouvre® provides 100% shade and 100% heat block, saving over 68% of air conditioning costs.

If you’re looking for energy saving blinds it provides the perfect solution with a highly efficient way of keeping heat in when you need it and cooling when it’s hot. It can be used in conjunction with ordinary blinds when you want to add more privacy or style.

High performance shading

Explore the benefits of MicroLouvre®

Control Solar Heat Gain

Unobscured Outward Visibility

HVAC Savings

LED Glare Control

Beam Control & Light Direction

Lightweight & Easy to Install or Retrofit

Fireproof & Non-combustible

Hurricane & Windproof

Bespoke Configurations

Insect & Pest Control

Minimal Maintenance

Directional Privacy