Door shutters

Shutters are a beautiful window dressing and look wonderful but did you know they can be the perfect solution for many doors too?

Shutters can be fitted to a whole range of door styles including wide patio doors, french doors and even on glazed entrance doors and at the sides or doors as a decorative feature. They can even be on internal doors or cupboard doors to make a decorative feature.

Tracked shutters

For large patio doors our tracked shutters are the best options as they fold back neatly from sliding patio doors and windows which are very wide. Because they fold back on tracks you can adjust them to fold a little way or right back to give you access or privacy, tilting the slats gives you light and privacy control too.

French doors can have shutters fitted which open out with the door or have tracked shutters especially if they are part of a longer run of windows, different styles and colours can make a feature of them and make going out of the house a pleasure!

Shaped shutters

Every so often we get a request for a shaped door, especially in period properties and this isn’t a problem either. Arches are quite common in certain styles of older property and fitting shutters with sensitivity to properties that may be listed or in a conservation area can work well and add to the charm of older buildings.

Using shutters in creative ways to form room dividers, internal doors or even cupboard doors can work well and make something as mundane as a bathroom cupboard a style statement!

For more ideas on what we can offer for doors just take a look at our brochure or browse our ranges.