With the news that in half the country burglaries remain unsolved more people are turning their thoughts to how secure their properties are and how to make them more secure.

Alarm systems may indicate a break in when it already happens and deter thieves to a certain extent but they can’t stop thieves actually accessing your property. A physical barrier is the only real answer and whilst some of these may be effective they aren’t exactly attractive!

Most external security shutters aren’t particularly nice and internal bar and security shutter systems aren’t either and they’re mainly aimed at commercial premises, there’s simply not much on the domestic market.

Our Style Security shutters, therefore, are a welcome alternative to rather less appealing security solutions on the market. Developed in South Africa to cope with the growing risk of home invasion there they represent a stylish alternative that can cope with the most determined intruders.

Made from durable powder coated aluminium they’re guaranteed for up to ten years and are rust resistant even for external use and in coastal areas with a high salt and moisture content to the air and also for internal high moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and or conservatories.

On to the security aspect and they feature a high security multipoint locking system with secure hidden fixings and a two way louvre pivot that makes them hard to break. Industrial strength window fixings and up to 65mm lock pins both top and bottom mean that they’re a tough proposition for any intruder and will deter even the most determined burglar. Altogether they’re super tough and will ensure peace of mind!

But the real difference with Style Security Shutters is that they are just that – stylish! They look just like ordinary plantation shutters with all the style and shading function of ordinary shutters. With five beautiful standard colours as well as custom colours to choose from they can blend with any decorative theme and with tracked options for patio doors and large windows they both look great and keep you safe.

They’re not just suitable for domestic use either they’re perfect for commercial premises too. They provide an extra layer of security as well as creating shade and keeping premises cool in summer and helping to conserve heat in winter. They don’t look like conventional security shutters either and you don’t have to fit blinds as well as shutters too.

As an accredited installer and a Which? Trusted Trader we have over 15 years experience fitting shutters in both domestic and commercial premises and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process of having our Style Security Shutters fitted. We can mix and match them with conventional shutters too especially for less accessible windows that aren’t as much of a risk for unwanted access.

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