Stylish & practical solid shutters

A solid shutter gives complete control of light and privacy and can be the perfect solution for situations where blackout is required or you need to completely ensure privacy, they can be fitted in many different styles of windows and doors including tracked and shaped and also can be done as part solid and part louvred to give the best of both worlds.

Not just for period properties

Historically they have often been used in period properties to keep out draughts from single glazed windows and preserve colour in curtains and upholstery and they still work well in that context as the solid panel of wood keeps a home warm and can help save on energy in the winter as well as shading and blocking sunlight in the summer.

Period properties which are subject to conservation area rules on the fitting of double glazing often find that this solution provides a convenient workaround to gain extra insulation whilst preserving the period look and feel of the architecture.

But it’s not only period properties that can benefit from solid or part solid shutters. They can be used to great effect in newer properties too and with a wide range of styles and finishes they provide a stylish addition to any décor. Fitting in a range of bay windows from curved to square or tracked of long runs of windows or patio doors they’re versatile too.

Versatile and practical

They can be used in different ways in the home from cupboard doors with part solid and louvred panelling or a tracked room divider for large rooms whether teamed with louvres or not they provide different ways of controlling light, changing spaces, creating privacy or keeping warmth in.

Solid shutters might not be the first thing you think about when you are looking for shutters but they’re well worth considering as part of your overall decorative scheme. To find out more about solid shutters take a look at our range page, our brochure and call us to visit our showroom to see for yourself just how solid shutters can transform your home.