Style all year round

Shutters are great for bringing a touch of summer to any décor and they look wonderful with the summer sunlight sloping through them but many people don’t realise they look beautiful and keep a room cosy when the nights start to draw in too.

Shutters are great at light control and when the sun is lower in the sky it often comes into rooms at a lower angle and can fade furniture and create glare just as much as on those summer days. Autumn when the evenings are getting darker but may still be warm mean you can let air in but still retain privacy when you put lights on.

Light control

The glow of lights through shutters looks stylish and inviting, a gentle glow sloping through lighting up the Autumn twilight. Stylish details such a fairy lights with a café style shutter add interest and a bit of magic to the picture.

Using Autumn colours such as stains often works well and they look as good in summer or winter bringing warmth and colour too a room. Complimentary accessories that work with the seasons can bring colour and life to any room.

Christmas ordering

Beautifully Shuttered will soon be letting you know when our last ordering dates for fitting before Christmas will be and it’s important if you are planning a new look to welcome visitors or to entertain at Christmas to plan your FREE consultation and get your order to us in good time.

So, browse our beautiful collections and plan your new look for Autumn and Winter today and you’ll be able to look forward to a cosy, stylish Autumn and Winter with Beautifully Shuttered…