Most people know we do shaped shutters but it’s quite impressive just how many shapes and styles we can do. Our Clearwater range offers the full range of shapes in a beautiful, hard-wearing hardwood and comes in a wide range of both painted and stained finishes as well as custom matching to Farrow & Ball and Dulux colours.

Our range of shapes we can do brings a whole range of options for those more difficult to cover windows. Often a feature of period properties shaped windows are both beautiful and a headache to insulate and cover at the same time, they often are single glazed and need a bit of insulation in winter as well!

Curtains and blinds due to their nature are often not ideal and even shaped `Pleated blinds have limitations in the shapes that can be installed they also end up masking the shape of the window when they’re closed and who wouldn’t want to show off a lovely feature window?

Our shaped shutters come in a variety of shapes that can be combined to cover even the most tricky windows and doors with ease from differently shaped arches and circles to triangular shutters that are perfect for attic windows. Shaped shutters range from the large to the very small with huge arched doorways to tiny porthole windows it’s all covered.

With Beautifully Shuttered all the tricky work of measuring is taken out of your hands and our expert team (who’ve fitted hundreds of shaped windows!) will help you find the perfect solution for your windows or doors. Sometimes a combination of shapes may be the answer. We’ve fitted tracked shutters and arched shutters to a combination that includes a patio door with an arch over it, for example. Triangular attic windows often include a combination of shapes which can be hinged to allow them to open fully to allow cleaning.

Round and porthole windows tend to be common in older and period properties and are some of the trickiest types of window to find coverings for. Typically non opening along with hexagon and octagon shapes a shutter is the perfect answer to allow light and privacy control as well as insulating often single glazed windows from draughts and cold.

Our shaped shutters of course suit any home from a modern studio flat to a large, rambling Tudor home and we’ve done them all in our time trading. Our team have the experience to deliver more complicated jobs which include shaped shutters and have been working with customers for over 15 years to transform their homes. With expert care from that first call to aftercare you know you can trust us to deliver your perfect shaped shutters.