And do Beautifully Shuttered sell them?

The name Plantation shutters typically refers to the larger louvered style of shutters but many people tend to use it to refer simply to the style of shutters which have become popular in recent years which are wooden slatted blinds which sit in their own frame which is fixed to the sill of the window or door.

Using the name ‘Plantation’ shutters is a way to differentiate between the louvered shutters and traditional or casement shutters which usually solid and simply block the light or are open. Beautifully Shuttered sell both kinds but our Plantation shutters are by far the best seller and people love the louvered finish as it is a convenient way of creating a balance between light and shade and maintaining privacy.

So why are they called this?

A huge clue to the origin of Plantation Shutters is in the name. They originate in the American South, from the large farms or estates that typically grew coffee, tobacco, cotton or sugar, that were more commonly known as Plantations.

Nowadays we just refer to all types of shutters as window shutters or simply shutters but a search for Plantation shutters will typically bring up what you want.

What if I do want solid shutters?

Even if you want solid shutters most retailers of shutters sell those as well. Beautifully Shuttered sell fully solid shutters as well as combinations of solid and louvered shutters which are very popular as room dividers and cupboard doors as well as windows.

Beautifully Shuttered are the experts when it comes to all kinds of shutters and our ‘Plantation Shutters’ range includes a massive variety within that definition including security plantation shutters that are made from aluminium with super strong locking mechanisms. So, you can see shutters have a lot more variety than you think!

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