Planning the perfect outdoor space

Planning your perfect outdoor retreat can be tricky and there are a few questions you may have before you decide on the perfect solution for you. So we’ve put together a list of questions and answers that might help you make the choice.

1. Your space

The space that you have outdoors may vary a lot from the ideal shown in brochures and images you see on the internet and it may be hard to picture a pergola, awning or sail blind in your own garden or terrace but have no fear there is a product for you!

Across our brands we have different products to suit different sizes and shapes of outdoor space from the very small to the very large. Many homes are limited in outdoor space and whilst a lovely large pergola may be your dream your outdoor space does not agree.

For a small space there are smaller, simpler pergolas with retractable roofs that can fit small spaces with ease even on balconies and very small terraces so take a look at those and consider whether those are a solution.

An awning could work in a smaller space and there are some gorgeous styles in our range complete with lighting and automation that can give a small space a new lease of life. Sail blinds especially single sails can work in the tightest of spaces and are perfect for creating shade outside of windows and patio doors so take a look at those too.

If your architecture allows our Sunbreaker Sliding Screens may be the answer. Fitting to either our BT pergolas or existing architecture they can turn a porch into a place that has shade and privacy or giving a balcony enough privacy to sit in the sun. They also slide to create shade at different times of the day.

2. I don’t have a patio or hard standing

If you want a pergola you really will need a hard standing or terrace to fix to. Whether it is wall mounted or freestanding these need something for the posts to stand on so you’ll need to get someone in to do groundworks as we don’t provide this service.

It’s also wise to consider any obstructions that may get in the way of installing a pergola. These can be anything from drainage pipes to satellite dishes and more, that’s why we always ask for a couple of clear pictures on the site you are thinking about prior to a survey – if we really can’t do it it’s best to find out straightaway.

We need to ideally see what the surface is like that you intend to fix onto and there are some solutions for levelling uneven or unlevel surfaces but these can be costly. Another solution may be to consider another product such as an awning or sail blind if there are issues such as surface or obstructions as these may not be affected in the same way as a pergola.

3. I would like lights or heating and other accessories for my pergola/awning/sail blind

If you need any of the accessories mentioned above you’re going to need an electrical supply. This is likely going to be from your home or another supply already there from a building such as a garage or shed.

This will need to be set up and connected by a professional electrician so we will need to have one on hand to do the final connection after the installation. We don’t offer electrical services so you’ll need to find a properly qualified local professional.

4. I’m a commercial premises – what should I consider?

Like domestic premises you’ll need to consider all of the above plus a few other things.

If you’re leasing your premises you will need to contact the freeholder for permission to add any structure and you’ll need to clear it with the local council planning department especially if it’s in a busy, built up area.

You’ll likely be asked to consider whether it will cause additional noise or any other nuisance to residential or other businesses and things like health and safety and fire safety. Concerns such as space, hard standing, electrical supply will be important too.

If you’ve got all the above sorted out and you’re confident you’ve settled on a choice of product we can have a chat and help you make your choice from our beautiful ranges!